Realigning the Economy with Cultural and Legal life
Econosophia is the wisdom capable of guiding our overpowering Economic Life into balance with our Legal and Cultural Lives, granting them their equal share in the running of The Social Organism. Balancing our Economic life evenly into the social organism would greatly reduce unnecessary social unrest and significantly increase much needed prosperity. 
Econosophia’s body is emerging out of a collective of filmmakers, economists, accountants, finance and fintech professionals firmly aligned with Rudolf Steiner’s socioeconomic legacy, working to inspire and provide means to balance the Economy in the social organism. If this is your calling, please do get in touch.
The collective has two parallel objectives. One is to promote the living image of the Threefold Social Organism; this outreach consists in the ongoing production of a series of films to bring the workings of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Organism and his ingenious Economic model into the general public discourse. The other is to offer ways to practice the balancing of the Threefold Social Organism; an ecosystem of fintech services is in the design stage for an MVP to put into practice the balancing of our Social Organism. For more information please reach out below. 

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